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Why should your horse get all the good stuff??

This is the reason for BitKeepers.  Years and YEARS of buying the finest leather, saddles, clothing, blankets and more I decided it was time for US to have a little fun and have retail therapy. After searching and searching for cute and fun things to buy for me and my home and my horse friends, I became frustrated at the lack of items to buy for ME.

Oh they are out there, all over the internet, but I decided to bring them to once place for all of us to enjoy- and BitKeepers was born.

I curate from the web, shows, Etsy and local artists and hand crafters to bring unique equestrian items that you can wear, enjoy and possibly add to your home.

This is Marquis. My forever heart horse. He's really cool and takes good care of me in the ring!

Enjoy looking around- feel free to contact us at

Our Mobile Unit will be ready to go this Fall 2017 too!