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So What The Heck are Bit Keepers???

Bit Keepers : Leather Bit Keepers, sometimes called bit loops, attach the top portion of the full cheek bit to the bridle's cheek piece. They help stabilize the mouthpiece of the bit, preventing both sideways movement and forward rotation. Bit keepers also enable optimal communication to the opposite side of the horse's muzzle when a single rein is used.

Our store name was quickly thought up by my quick-witted daughter (who also rides - jumpers, Lawd help me). According to Kat, you need an easy name to remember, describes your store, and is easy to remember which makes it easy to brand.

Thank goodness for private school - I paid good money for that kind of knowledge....

You attach the small loops of leather to the top portion of a full cheek snaffle bit

full cheek snaffle

Then attach the little loops of leather to the bridle

See the top part of the bit, the little loop there  is attached to the inside of the bit holding piece.

These are truly used for stability. Like for a horse or pony who has a steering problem. Usually its the rider that has the steering problem but we won't go into that. :)

Being straight is kind of a 'thing' in riding, especially when you are cantering to a jump. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE CANTERING TO A JUMP!!!!!

So we will not steer from our niche store here and keep it fun and horsey.

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 Keep it straight!



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