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New Vendors New Items!!!!!

Searching and figuring out what are the right and fun things to add to your shop to stay consistent with your vision and message is HARD Y'ALL . There are so many fun things out there to offer it can blow your mind.

One of the places I found great items (probably the best place) is Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram to see more about me and my little business here. We also have a page on Facebook as well.

This week many products have come in including chic new bags from Liz Soto Designs, fun box signs from PBK and hopefully new jewelry from Swanky Saddle (crossing fingers, Irma was not kind to our Florida retailers, boo hiss).

Liz Soto DesignsLiz Soto 2 in 1 Tote in Brown Vegan Leather

This tote also comes in grey and navy - this tote also comes with another bag inside with a strap you can use as another bag or cosmetic bag or organizer for your tote! How cool is that

Swanky Saddle Stitched Bangle Swanky Saddle Stitched Bangle

Oh my gosh I am DYING i love this bangle so much and can't wait for it to arrive - and you will also be able to order, hold your horses now, MONOGRAMMED BELT BUCKLES that will add way too much chic and fashion to those adorable breeches we love and wear!

Monogrammed Belt Buckle

Get ready - and remember - WHY does your HORSE have to have all the GOOD STUFF?


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  • Fabulous picks, MAP! Can’t wait to see them in person!


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